New England Patriots

Patriots Fans Start GoFundMe To Pay Team’s $1 Million Fine

Now this is crazy. New England Patriots fans are in total turmoil over the new NFL tag team of doom (Troy Vincent & Roger Goodell) lowering the boom on the franchise yesterday by suspending Tom Brady for four games, docking the Pats two draft picks and fining them $1 million.

Patriots fans attempted to fight back in an unusual way on Tuesday by starting a GoFundMe campaign to payoff New England’s $1 million fine.

As of Tuesday night, the campaign raised over $12,000 from Patriots fan through nearly 900 donations, Following one donation a fan commented “Patriots to dead.”

This show of benevolence by Pats fans reminds me of a video from a professional wrestling convention years ago. The guy who uttered “it’s still real to me damnit” is hilarious and sad all in the same regard.

I love the enthusiasm of Patriots fans but folks, Bob Kraft can afford to pay a $1 million fine.  He wears sneakers and a suit to the White House for heaven’s sake. He is financially secure.

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