Dallas Cowboys

Dez Bryant & Demaryius Thomas Sign New Five-Year Deals

BryantGBThe Dez Bryant saga came to an end today with the boisterous receiver signing a new five-year deal worth $70 million with $45 million guaranteed.

Throughout the summer, Bryant threatened to sit out camp and games potentially if a new deal wasn’t reached. He refused to play under his one-year franchise tag.

Wednesday marked the deadline for multi-year deals for franchise tag players and Dallas delivered in the clutch.

In somewhat related news, the Denver Broncos signed the other potential big-name holdout receiver on Wednesday. Demaryius Thomas inked a five-year contract worth $70 million with $43.5 million guaranteed.

The Thomas and Bryant signings capped a bizarre stretch for the Broncos and Cowboys. The two teams had collusion charges from the NFLPA hanging over their heads if long-term deals weren’t reached with the receivers.

The NFLPA believed both Denver and Dallas were discussing the long-term deals for Bryant and Thomas, which would be a violation of the league’s collective bargaining agreement.


Besides the fact that two guys signed virtually the same deal after both teams were suspected of collusion…I see nothing suspicious about this at all.

As you were.

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