Dallas Cowboys

Dez Bryant Is Willing To Skip Season Opener For More Money

DezCryingDallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant wants a new contract…and fast.

Bryant confirmed a report about unhappiness over his contract and a desire to sit out Dallas’ season opener against the New York Giants to NFL Network’s Michael Silver.

When Silver inquired about the story with Bryant, the controversial receiver cut to the point. “This is not a rumor. “It’s legit.”

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen originally reported on Friday that Bryant was contemplating sitting out the season opener. The six-year pro is under a one-year contract worth $12.823 million due to Dallas placing the franchise tag on him.

Time is of the essence for Bryant and the Cowboys. The two parties have until July 15 to reach an agreement on a deal. That July date is the designated deadline for players under a franchise tag to sign new deals.

There is no way Bryant is sitting out that first game – a Sunday Night Football meeting in Dallas on September 13 on NBC. This isn’t Emmitt Smith sitting out the first two games in 1993 and putting owner Jerry Jones over a barrel.

See you at Jerryworld on September 13, Dez.

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