Joe Montana

Joe Montana Is 59

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Joe Montana (16) is walking on air after a third quarter touchdown in Super Bowl XXIV, Sunday, Jan. 28, 1990 in New Orleans Montana, who was awarded the MVP trophy for his record-setting performance is congratulated by teammate Guy McIntyre. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

Thursday turned into a downer of a day featuring the death of actor Christopher Lee, professional wrestling icon Dusty Rhodes, and activist Ruby Dee.

Yet, here is one thing to make us feel better.

The champagne of quarterbacks turned 59 years old on Thursday.

Without further ado, feast your eyes on Joe Montana highlights. By the way, people always forget that young Joe could throw AND run.

When the day comes to have the birds and the bees discussion about whether Montana or Brady is the greatest quarterback of all-time, file Montana’s mobility away for Joe Cool.

Oh and there’s this…the 1989 49ers.

This single-season team is the lovemaking of football. I know that line might not make a shred of sense but watch it and you’ll understand by the end.

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