Wall Defended: Judge Berman Overturns Four-Game Suspension Of Tom Brady

BradySuspensionTom Brady took the NFL to court and won.

Judge Richard Berman vacated the four-game suspension of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on Thursday to bring an end (temporarily) to Deflategate.

As a result, Brady will be eligible to play in Week 1 against the Pittsburgh Steelers next Thursday night.

Judge Berman released a 40-page report on why Brady’s suspension was vacated. His logic included NFL commissioner Roger Goodell unjustly issuing his own brand of justice.

BradyBermanBy the way, a big time thumbs up to David Portnoy and the follks of Barstool Sports. A lot of people talk a big game about protesting and showing Roger Goodell who is boss.

Portnoy and company actually went to New York and served jail time; produced hilarious t-shirts; and confronted ESPN reporters. Also, they did it in a peaceful and meaningful manner without publicly suggesting to hire someone to murder Goodell like a certain Boston media member.

I’m not saying that was the smartest thing in the world but it proves a point.

Can we play some football now?

(You can find the entire 40-page report from Judge Berman here)

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