Eli Manning

Eli Manning Is Crowned “$84 Million Dope” On New York Post Cover

NYPostEliIt has been a rough last few days for Giants quarterback Eli Manning, who blew (along with his teammates) Sunday night’s game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Leading 23-20 late in the fourth quarter, Manning reportedly instructed running back Rashad Jennings to not score on first and second inside of the Dallas 5. Then, Manning followed up matters by throwing an incomplete pass on third down instead of falling down on the field to kill the clock.

All three plays were part of a complete collapse by Manning and the Giants. The failure culminated on Wednesday morning with the New York Post plastering Manning’s face on the cover wearing a dunce cap.

EliManningDoes that look like a dunce to you? Incredible.

Just think what they would do to someone that didn’t have two Super Bowl rings to his credit.

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