Detroit Lions

BatGate: Former Patriots Star Says Bill Belichick Had Team Practice Seahawks Bat Play

BelichickBatFormer New England Patriots linebacker Rosevelt Colvin was quite active on Twitter during Monday night’s controversial finish between the Seahawks and Lions.

Detroit’s Calvin Johnson fumbled before crossing the goalline with less than two minutes in the game. Seattle linebacker K.J. Wright batted the ball out of the end zone once Johnson’s fumble headed into the end zone.

While many did not know that Wright’s bat was illegal, one guy who knew it? The shining wizard of the NFL, Bill Belichick.

Colvin, who won two Super Bowls as a Patriot, says Belichick prepped New England for that play situation back in day just in case:

Are we surprised by this?

Of course not. Belichick is prepared for everything.

Not only did the Patriots practice the play but it then came up in a game involving New England just two seasons ago.

As Gerry Austin explained on Monday night, the rule had been around. Unfortunately, officials rarely acknowledge it for some reason.

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