Indianapolis Colts

Chuck Pagano & Colts Pull Trigger On The Worst Play Call Of The Year…Or Maybe Ever

PaganoThe Indianapolis Colts lost 34-27 to the New England Patriots in a game that perhaps wasn’t as close as the final score indicated.

While much of the talk heading into the game surrounded Tom Brady’s first trip to Indianapolis since the Deflategate saga, Chuck Pagano and the Colts stole the show on Sunday…and not in a good way.

New England led 27-21 late in the third quarter after forcing a three and out of Indy’s offense. What followed was the most puzzling decision of the NFL season.

Pagano’s special teams unit decided to run a trick play that resulted in New England’s Brandon Bolden tackling Colt Andersen in the backfield for a loss.

Moments later, Brady fired his third touchdown pass to LeGarrette Blount to increase New England’s lead to 34-21.

From a highly confused Cris Collinsworth to Twitter, the play’s aftermath was not pretty.

Bob Kravitz, the Indianapolis-based reporter who helped break the Deflategate story on the night of the AFC title game back in January, was not pleased with the play at all.

Pagano took full responsibility for the play during his post-game presser and unless the Colts rally to reach the Super Bowl, it’s quite possible that may have been the final time he will match wits with Bill Belichick.

That play call is how you get fired in the NFL.

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