Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: The Last Time Football Officially Died In Los Angeles

Quick trivia question…

Who was the last person to take a snap during an NFL game in the Los Angeles Coliseum?

Believe it or not, it was Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Steve Bono.

Back on Christmas Eve 1994, the Raiders hosted the Chiefs in a regular season finale with the winner going to the playoffs while the loser will get an early start on the holiday season.

Kansas City’s starting quarterback that day was not Bono. Instead, it was that Joe Montana fella.

While Montana threw for 214 yards and a touchdown, the real star of the day for Kansas City proved to be former Raider Marcus Allen. The ex-Raiders star enjoyed a big day while rushing for 132 yards in a Kansas City 19-9 victory.

Alas, Los Angeles football reached a sad and weak conclusion.

Nearly 22 years later, the Rams will return (possibly) to the Los Angeles Coliseum to play football in 2016. However, Mr. Bono will not be taking any snaps for the Chiefs will Los Angeles football returns.

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