Super Bowl 50

The Not-So-Official Super Bowl 50 Drinking Game


For the first time in JMRA history, I’m rolling up my sleeves to suggest a Super Bowl 50 drinking game.

There are a lot of items of interest to cover that could be a part of your Super Bowl viewing experience.

By the way, Jim Nantz and Phil Simms are on the call for this year’s Super Bowl. A few of these items will be in reference to them.

One drink:

  • Every field goal.
  • Every touchdown.
  • Every Cam Newton first down signal.
  • Newton dabs.
  • Each catch by Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen.
  • Every 10 yard run by Broncos running back C.J. Anderson.
  • Von Miller sack.
  • DeMarcus Ware sack.
  • Luke Kuechly tackle.
  • Every Peyton Manning incomplete pass.
  • Every time Broncos safety T.J. Ward dives at someone’s knees.
  • Every time the word “classy” is used.
  • Every time the phrase “physically gifted” is used.
  • John Elway appears on camera.
  • Panthers owner Jerry Richardson appears on camera.
  • Roger Goodell appears on camera.

Two drinks:

  • A Jonathan Stewart run over 20 yards.
  • A Panthers completion over 20 yards.
  • A Broncos completion over 20 yards.
  • Cam Newton wins Super Bowl MVP.
  • Nantz mentions the words “race” or “racism”.
  • Josh Norman interception.
  • Archie Manning is shown on camera.
  • Eli Manning appears on camera.
  • Every Demaryius Thomas dropped pass.
  • Every Ted Ginn Jr. dropped pass.
  • Every time Manning overthrows a receiver in the end zone.
  • Every Manning interception.
  • Von Miller sack dance.
  • Ted Ginn Jr. rushing TD.
  • A safety. Last year broke a streak of three straight Super Bowls with a safety.
  • A defensive TD. There has been a defensive TD in every Super Bowl since XLI except for XLII, XLVI, XLIX, which all featured the Patriots, who don’t fall for other team’s parlor tricks in Super Bowls.
  • Aqib Talib leaves the game with an injury.
  • Nantz brings up Phil Simms owning the Super Bowl record for highest completion percentage in a game.

Three drinks:

  • Nantz mentions HGH.
  • Ashley Manning is mentioned.
  • The phrase “black quarterback” is used.
  • Nantz or Simms mention the game’s gambling line.
  • A special teams TD.
  • Josh Norman interception return for TD.
  • Manning wins Super Bowl MVP.

One shot:

  • Manning throws a pick six. He has done this in his last two Super Bowl appearances.
  • Cam Newton scores on a rushing TD, dabs, hands off a ball to a Panthers fan.

Two shots:

  • Newton rips a Broncos sign down.
  • Manning rushing touchdown.
  • A successful onside kick.
  • Missed PAT
  • Missed field goal.
  • Tom Brady is at the game.
  • Joe Montana is at the game.
  • Terry Bradshaw is at the game.


  • Manning rips down a Panthers sign.
  • Nantz or Simms spoofs the Manning Nationwide commercials by singing on-air.
  • There is a reference to Olsen’s days at the University of Miami and being known as “G-Reg.”
  • Game goes into overtime.


If you end up doing this, god’s speed.

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