Carolina Panthers

The Angry Grandpa Carolina Panthers Fan That Destroyed TV Over Cam Newton Fumble Is A Complete Fraud

Whenever a team loses the Super Bowl, fans from the losing team take it very hard.

After Sunday’s loss, one Panthers fan went H.A.M. on his big screen TV moments after Cam Newton fumbled away the game.

The gentlemen in question that destroyed the TV is known as the “The Angry Grandpa” and has his own show on You Tube, where he is just getting angry enough to wreck things.

I’m calling this guy out. He’s just trying to be famous.

He’s a complete fraud.

At least have some natural reactions. We all fell for the “banana in the tailpipe” trick on this dude. He is running complete schtick.

Once Peyton Manning retires, someone is taking his spot on my bad list. The Panthers are now a candidate.

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