Super Bowl 50

Watch Michael Oher Do The Electric Slide While Blocking DeMarcus Ware On The Terrible Turf At Levi’s Stadium


Carolina Panthers left tackle Michael Oher isn’t going to confuse anyone for the great Larry Allen.

However, it’s not fair to ask Oher to block future Hall of Famer DeMarcus Ware during the Super Bowl while playing on what resembled an ice skating rink at Levi’s Stadium.

Take a look at this play from Sunday’s Super Bowl that saw Oher attempting to block Ware.

It didn’t turn out well.

Oher slides while standing on his back near Newton and in turn, can’t get any traction while blocking Ware.

Following the game, Denver’s Aqib Talib called the turf terrible. Meanwhile, numerous Broncos slipped throughout the game due to bad turf conditions.

Even the “sod god” George Toma couldn’t save that field.

God’s speed to the 49ers, who have to play eight games a year on that turf.


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