Atlanta Falcons

Ric Flair Gave The Falcons A Good Pep Talk Before Their Win Over Carolina


The past week has been quite eventful for legendary wrestler Nature Boy Ric Flair.

Flair made the rounds in the news this week after he stated on his podcast that he slept with actress Halle Berryhe slept with actress Halle Berry during the 90s following her divorce to former Atlanta Braves star David Justice.

Days earlier, Flair appeared at the Georgia Dome to take in Atlanta’s victory over Carolina. Since training camp, the 16-time world champion has been active with the Falcons. During the summer, he met up with star receiver Julio Jones.

He got another chance to address the team before the Carolina win last week and made the most of it.

The team worked themselves into a lather while hearing Flair cut another one of his legendary promos. As usual, Slick Ric has a hard time keeping his alligators down.

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