Dallas Cowboys

Who Does The Mannequin Challenge Better? Cowboys Or Giants?


The Mannequin Challenge is the latest viral sensation to take the Internet by storm.

Simply, everyone stays still during the shot. While it seems dumb, considering what happens in some of these shots, it’s rather impressive.

Following wins in Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants each participated in their own versions of the challenge.

First, the Cowboys took the challenge while on a plane headed backwards to Dallas following a decisive 35-10 win over the Cleveland Browns.

Meanwhile, the Giants had their own rendition of the challenge after a win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

I’m not sure why Odell Beckham is tying someone’s shoes but whatever.

Anyhow, back to the Cowboys for a moment. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and his family did the challenge on the plane as well. People are moving this time including Jerry’s hands wiggling all over the place.

Nice try, Jerry. His team is 7-1 so I’ll cut him a break.

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