New England Patriots

The USA Today Says The Patriots Will Go 16-0


Back in 2007, the New England Patriots became the first team in NFL history to finish a regular season by going 16-0.

Obviously, we know how that movie ended.

Now, a decade later and armed with perhaps their most devastating offense ever on paper, the USA Today says New England will do it again.

The newspaper posted its preseason projections on Monday, which included the bold proclamation despite New England’s insane six game stretch starting in mid-November.


Look, I consider myself one of the premiere Brady/Belichick apologists in the world but suggesting that they will go 16-0 with their schedule is borderline crazy.

Here is New England’s schedule from November 12 to December 17:

  •  @ Denver
  •  @ Oakland (Mexico City)
  •  vs. Miami
  •  @ Buffalo
  •  @ Miami
  •  @Pittsburgh

Can they run the table? Maybe. However, that’s a loaded month with essentially five road games in six weeks against some pretty good competition.

I appreciate the USA Today’s pluckiness to anoint this Patriots team as one for the ages but a 16-0 prediction is a little thick.

How about 15-1 instead? That sounds more realistic.

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