San Francisco 49ers

49ers To Honor Joe Montana & Dwight Clark With “The Catch” Statue


The San Francisco 49ers will have a season-long tribute to their late, iconic wide receiver Dwight Clark, which includes a special tribute to one of the greatest plays in NFL history – The Catch.

In honor of Clark’s untimely passing on June 4, the 49ers will wear an “87” decal on their helmets during the season. Yet, the crown jewel of their tribute could arrive on October 21 during a national TV game.

The team plans to unveil a statue featuring Clark and Joe Montana, who hooked up on the legendary play. Spanning 23 yards, the statue includes the signature feature of Clark’s leap en route to hauling the eventual game-winning touchdown that sunk the Dallas Cowboys during the 1981 NFC Championship classic.

The details from the San Francisco Chronicle sound exquisite:

The highlight will come during a nationally televised game against the Rams on Oct. 21 when 350-pound statues of Clark and Joe Montana will be unveiled outside Levi’s Stadium. The statues will be placed 23 yards apart, which is the distance by which the two players were separated when Clark made his iconic catch to beat Dallas 28-27 in the NFC Championship Game in January 1982.

In his statue, Clark’s outstretched hands will extend 11 feet into the air. In his statue, Montana will have his arms triumphantly raised.

Clark’s impact on the 49ers’ organization will never be forgotten. A statue immortalizes his status as one of the greatest 49ers of all-time.

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