Indianapolis Colts

The Colts Lose To The Chiefs In Divisional Playoffs; Already Getting Clowned For 1-0 Flag


Perhaps the biggest marketing mistake of the postseason came just a few days ago when the Indianapolis Colts decided to hang a flag outside of Lucas Oil Field that read “1-0.” They didn’t stop with the flag though. T-shirts were also printed suggesting that 1-0 refers to getting a little better everyday.

Unfortunately, while that logic makes a lot of sense, the Internet doesn’t work that way in 2019. After Indy’s 31-13 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday during the divisional playoffs, there were plenty of spicy jokes about Indy’s 1-0 flag and shirts:

Of course, the “1-0” shirts, which were on sale at this week, are right in the wheelhouse of folks who detested or laughed at the infamous “2014 AFC Finalist” banner that the team hung in Lucas Oil Stadium in January 2015.

It’s going to be a bumpy week for the Colts and their fans as a result of their belief that a “1-0” motto was actually a good idea.



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