Super Bowl LIII

Super Bowl 53: Ranking The Best Matchups


Every football fan is eagerly wondering and trying to work out which is the best matchup. It doesn’t matter if you’re hoping to do some betting on football in the United States or if you’re just enjoying the buzz that always surrounds Super Bowl; each of the potential matches is an exciting combination.

Saints vs. Chiefs

There is little doubt this would be an exciting match! Both teams have fantastic offensive lineupsand the thought of Drew Brees battling it out against Patrick Mahomes; both of them are candidates for the MVP and potentially two of the best quarterbacks in the league.

Add Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara and you have a great offense which will really push the Chief’s; despite their impressive defense.

This will be an exciting game which could result in a win for the Saints.

Chiefs vs. Rams

The Week 11 victory for the Chiefs saw a combined 105 points for the Chiefs and the Rams. Mahomes and Goff combined to get 891 passing yards, 3 interceptions, and10 touchdowns. There is little doubt these two teams would create an explosive match with offensive plays going back and forth right to the end of the game.

Of course, the defense also plays a critical role throughout the game; ensuring everyone remains on their toes.

A final with these two is going to be a tight game but, you’re likely to see the Chiefs having the edge.

Patriots vs. Rams

This is less likely than the other options and perhaps one of the least exciting options. The Rams are unlikely to make the final as the Chiefs should be able to send them packing.

In addition,the Patriots have been in just one too many finals, (unless you’re a fan of the Patriots) and, although they’ve battled hard this season they’re not really showing the form that will carry them through to the final again.

This is an unlikely match-up and potentially an undesirable one for most fans. However, if it does happen you may want to put your money on the Patriotsif they can make it this far then there’s a good chance they’ll finish the job.

Patriots vs. Saints

This is another final match-up which is possible but not particularly desirable. In short,this would pitch two old quarterbacks directly against each other, the stories that would develop round Brady being the best of all time versus Brees being the most underrated or even the best if they pull off a win.

In truth there is a good chance that this will be the final, the Patriots are determined to go all the way this year but the Saints are on excellent form with perhaps the best-roundedteam in the league.

It would certainly be an interesting game and a closely fought one but it’s unlikely to throw up any real surprises or innovative plays.

Whichever team you decide to back and the matchup you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the atmosphere of the big day!

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