Los Angeles Rams

This Photoshopped Rams NFC Championship Shirt Might Be The Best Ever


Around mid-Wednesday, I reached my fill of the New Orleans Saints fanbase, players, and local politicians complaining about the putrid no-call on a clear pass interference play that essentially kept their beloved home team out of the Super Bowl.

Just when my tolerance had run out, I hopped on Twitter to see perhaps the greatest fake t-shirt of all-time. A Saints fan had somehow photoshopped an asterisk into a Rams NFC Championship t-shirt.

It’s simply brilliant:


If someone mass-produced this shirt and sold it, I’m pretty sure I’d buy at least one. Maybe five.

The saltiness and pettiness of Saints fans is not likely to die off anytime soon…especially if the Rams defeat the Patriots in Super Bowl LIII on February 3.

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