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Video of the Day: Willis McGahee Slaps A Raider

In case you haven’t seen it, Willis McGahee unleashed the stiffarm of the year on Raider defensive back Hiram Eugene. Jim Nantz said it best. Eugene will never want to see this play again. He should hide from ESPN for the next month.

Heroes of the Revolution: Week 2

Another raucous week of NFL action gave us the debut of Cowboys Stadium (not sure if you heard about it yet), Chris Johnson going postal on the Texans in a losing effort and Jay Cutler redeeming himself for an atrocious Week 1 performance in Green Bay. However, this […]

Best of NFL Tweets

Twitter is amazing. Not only can you find this esteemed website tweeting via @joemsrightarm but it is fun to find out what hi-jinx athletes might be up to. Courtesy of athletetweets.com, here is a recap of some NFL player tweets you might find enjoyable…with a little commentary on […]

Owens Campaigns For Sugar Ray

One of the major free agent storylines will be where Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis ends up. The 13-year vet is the apple of Terrell Owens’ eye in Dallas. The oft-maligned Cowboys receiver reportedly spoke with Lewis and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones regarding the possibility of signing Lewis. Meanwhile, […]