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Johnny Manziel Flips Bird During Rough Night For Browns QBs

Johnny Manziel made news during an otherwise dreadful evening for Cleveland quarterbacks against the Washington Redskins on Monday night.  After firing an incomplete pass in the second half, Manziel caught some flak from the Washington bench and returned fire with a middle finger back to the bench. 

The JMRA Podcast – Episode #16

Before America gets swallowed up whole by the LeBron James free agent tsunami, here’s the latest JMRA Podcast covering fantasy football’s top 20 wide receivers. Plus, we cover recent happenings with Josh Gordon’s arrest and the pending (?) trade of Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson. Also, a pair […]

Johnny Manziel Is A Good Deal For Cleveland

The Dallas Cowboys made ​​the right decision to pick tackle Zack Martin in the first round, instead from quarterback Johnny Manziel, a decision that probably was not easy for owner Jerry Jones. After taking the quarterback of Texas A&M, the Cleveland Browns are listed with 50/1 Odds to win […]