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One Day Closer To A Mistake

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=East+Rutherford%2c+NJ&iid=8731946″ src=”4/4/5/4/Ecuador_v_Mexico_7e0d.jpg?adImageId=12976732&imageId=8731946″ width=”380″ height=”210″ /]

Get ready to become familiar with the New Jersey Turnpike and exit 16W.  The NFL will announce the winning city of the Super Bowl XLVIII bid on Tuesday afternoon at 3pm on NFL Network.

It is presumed by some that the bid will be given to “New York/New Jersey” and in turn, Super Bowl XLVIII will mark a first for the NFL; their premier game played in a cold weather city.

The idea is flawed on several levels but I’ll wait and sharpen my sickle until the official announcement is made tomorrow.

According to, 11 teams support the bid, while five are against (Pittsburgh, Arizona, Buffalo, Houston, and Baltimore).

That leaves 16 teams whose opinions may very well be twisting in the wind at the moment.

As Mike Florio points out, it’s likely that Tampa and Miami are against considering their cities also have a bid for Super Bowl XLVIII on the table.

Here is hoping the owners come to their senses on this one and vote no.

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