Joe Montana

Joe Montana Disses Rudy

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Despite my wild enjoyment of all things Joe Montana, in the words of President Barack Obama, let me be clear and state that I am a card carrying fan of the Miami Hurricanes.

So, when Cool Joe laid a verbal smackdown on the movie Rudy, a part of me cried on the inside.

According to all things fandom, I’m supposed to be against anything supporting the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

While Rudy falls under that umbrella so does Joe. However, citing Code 6-18 of my personal code of ethics, I’m allowed a mulligan.

But I digress.

Montana visited the Dan Patrick Show and said reality and the movie were a bit different:

Well, the crowd wasn’t chanting. No one threw in their jerseys. He did get in the game. He got carried off [at the end of] the game. […] Back then they tried to play someone at the end of [the season] that all the seniors could get in the last home game. The schedule was kind of set that way. So he got in. He did get a sack. And then the guys carried him off, just playing around. I won’t say it was a joke, but it was playing around. He worked his butt off to get where he was and to do the things he did. But not any harder than anyone else.

One of Montana’s former teammates, Jay Achterhoff, denied any tomfoolery with the real Rudy and stated that the movie’s events were “98% true”.

Montana, who was with team during that game, is not only a four-time Super Bowl winner but now a legend killer.

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