Brett Favre

Week 2’s Face of Defeat: Brett Favre

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Once Brett Favre hopped off his tractor in Mississippi to come back for a 20th season, starting out 0-2 probably was not on the top of his “things that will happen when I return” list.

Yet, that’s where Favre and the Vikings find themselves after Sunday’s disappointing 14-10 loss to the Miami Dolphins.

While the game came down to Miami’s fourth down stand against Adrian Peterson, Favre’s three interceptions did not help matters either.

The Vikings should have seen this potential debacle coming but they were obviously blinded by how last season ended up and wanted to get to the Super Bowl.

While they have lost to two teams that may appear in the 2010 playoffs, they are now faced with a big problem. They could be sitting on a lame-duck season with a 40-year-old quarterback and a backup they don’t want as the starter.

There is still plenty of time for Minnesota to recover from an 0-2 start but they might want to place a call to San Diego and get Vincent Jackson ASAP.

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