Drew Brees

Meet the World Heavyweight Champion of Quarterbacks

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When the Saints face the San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night Football, you will be watching the champagne of signal callers and the first JMRA World Heavyweight Champion of Quarterbacks.

Sounds pretty ridiculous right?

Before throwing your hands up in disgust, the logic over this concept is simple.

Back in July, ESPN’s Bill Simmons had NFL analyst deluxe Cris Collinsworth as a guest on his podcast. During the show, Simmons stated that Brees currently owned a mythical championship belt of quarterbacks since he won Super Bowl MVP and defeated (and outplayed) three future Hall of Famers en route to the title. I nodded affirmatively to this statement as I sat in my Toyota.

Well, it’s time to flesh out such a statement in extreme fashion.

Throughout the course of the season, we will offer up quarterback rankings to show just who are the top contenders to steal away the coveted world title.

There will be a top 10 section, followed by a jobbers category, paying tribute to the league’s worst quarterbacks.

Then, later this fall we will display a title lineage that dates back to 1985.

If I don’t mind saying so, it will be epic…or just some really long blog post you can’t make it through.

Alas, Mr. Brees gets the belt first.

More to come…

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