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NFL Says Victor Cruz “Fumble” Was Not A Fumble

When New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz fell to the ground after a catch and got up without football in tow, it led to a rather confusing sequence of events late in the fourth quarter.

It appeared Cruz gave up possession of the ball without being touched and then, Arizona defenders happily recovered. However, it was later ruled that Cruz was down.

Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt attempted to challenge the play but was told he could not because Cruz gave himself up.

Of course, one play later, Hakeem Nicks scored the go-ahead touchdown for New York and the Cardinals lost 31-27.

The NFL Vice President of Football Communications Greg Aiello explained the Cruz ruling on Twitter:!/gregaiello/status/120644025727459328

Today, the Newark Star-Ledger reports Carl Johnson, the NFL VP of officiating, declared that indeed officials made the correct call by allowing New York to maintain possession.

The Cruz play is somewhat reminiscent to the Plaxico Burress play in 2001 during a Steelers/Jaguars game where he got up untouched after making a reception and spiked the football. The Jaguars quickly recovered.

Today, Victor Cruz is one lucky man.


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