Philadelphia Eagles

Jason Babin Believes There Is A Puppet Among Us

Jason Babin is one of the few Philadelphia Eagles enjoying a great season despite the team’s lackluster 1-3 start.

Babin’s seven sacks leads the NFL on a defensive unit that repeatedly has failed to live up to expectations through the first four weeks.

Besides his team’s lackluster beginning, Babin has other concerns these days.

Early Thursday morning, Babin tweeted concerns regarding the league fining defensive players on illegal quarterback hits:

Attn:Guy at the NFL that decides on who and how much players get fined Stop being a puppet, if you want to protect QB’s, get better linemen

His comments and charge for teams to get “better linemen” are rather amusing considering his quarterback stood up at a podium two weeks ago and lobbied for calls.

Certainly, his Eagles need better linemen.

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