Random Nonsense

Hank Williams Jr. Isn’t Finished With You, Parody Included!

Hank Williams Jr. is not going away quietly.

The deposed Monday Night Football crooner released a song on his website earlier this week criticizing FOX News and ESPN for how they handled his Barack Obama/Hitler gaffe nearly two weeks ago.

Whenever sports media strife occurs, a parody is soon to follow.

This one comes from JZ Sports, who put together an apology of sorts for good ol’ Rockin’ Randall.

Brownie points to JZ Sports for including a mason jar in the bit. As someone who comes from Southern roots, mason jars in some households are the equivalent of Solo red cups for east coast college kids.

Anyhow, it’s a hoot and it’s comical to see this version of Hank squeeze in game promos while trying to apologize to people and also claim Obama will shutdown the NFL next season.


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