New England Patriots

Rob Gronkowski & Matt Light Celebrate Shirtless With LMFAO After Super Bowl Loss

While Tom Brady is likely to spend much of the next six months in Undertaker style, sitting in a darkened room with pictures of Giants cut-out and pasted on the wall in his basement, teammates Rob Gronkowski and Matt Light handled things in far different fashion.

The duo partied up at a post-Super Bowl Patriots celebration that included LMFAO. At one point, Gronk and Light danced on stage shirtless.

This would have been funny…if they won…and Gronkowski had more than two catches for 26 yards…and wasn’t suffering from a high ankle sprain.

At the end of the day, players can choose how to lead their lives in defeat. However, don’t expect others to accept it so easily.

If this happened in Philly, Light and Gronkowski would be excommunicated unless they were responsible for four Super Bowl victories.

In fact, they’d probably be better off cursing in front of thousands of people including kids. That is much more acceptable in this neck of the woods.

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