New England Patriots

Pawnbroker Company Drops 900 Pounds Of Butterfingers In Boston To “Honor” Wes Welker

An online pawnbroker company placed 900 pounds of Butterfingers in Boston’s Copley Square on Tuesday as a nod to Wes Welker’s ill-timed drop during New England’s Super Bowl XLVI loss to the Giants., which doesn’t have any apparent direct tie-ins to New York, dumped Butterfingers in Copley Square with a sign attached that read “Thank You Wes Welker.”!/Butterfinger/status/167051338595827712

Todd Hills, Pawngo’s CEO, stated he “thought Boston fans might at least get a laugh out of it.”

Either Hills is gullible, doesn’t know much about football fans, or has little regard of the human condition.

Meanwhile, Butterfinger’s Twitter account posted a message on Tuesday night claiming no prior knowledge to the stunt, which is interesting considering other than buying out several wholesale food store candy sections, I’m not sure how one would acquire 7,000 Butterfingers without the company playing a role in it.

Welker deserves better than this but humans revel in the misery of others on many occasions.

By the way, Mrs. B probably will not find this funny.

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