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GiseleGate Is Over (For Now): Tom Brady & Gisele Vacation With Wes Welker In Costa Rica

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Based off of this recent photo from Costa Rica, it appears that Tom Brady, Mrs. Brady, and Wes Welker are back on the same page.

In the wake of another mind-numbing Super Bowl loss to the Giants three weeks ago, Gisele and Welker appear to be getting along swimmingly during a vacation in Costa Rica this week.

Along with fiancée Anna Burns, Welker joined Tom and Gisele in Costa Rica for some good times.

This may slow down the “Yoko Bundchen” talk that began after Gisele had some rather choice words regarding the play of New England Patriots receivers during the team’s 21-17 Super Bowl XLVI defeat.

The most notorious offender turned out to be Welker, who took blame for not making a catch late in the fourth quarter that could have helped New England salt away the franchise’s fourth Super Bowl victory.

Instead, Welker’s drop was the crown jewel of errors for the Patriots during their second loss to the Giants in four years.

Good to see the kids making up.

In other news, Welker has some work upon returning to the mainland. At the moment, his contract talks with the Patriots have stalled.

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