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The NFL Single Lady Finder Power Rankings

Our Valentine’s Week continues…

The March issue of Men’s Health includes a list ranking the best cities to find eligible women.

Of course, this gives us the opportunity to twist the list into some sort of NFL-centric collection.

The original Men’s Health list was based off of numerous factors including the single women to single men ratio in the city; percentage of college-educated women; and percentage of employed ladies.

Here is a list of power rankings displaying which NFL cities have the most single ladies based off the original findings by Men’s Health, starting with the most difficult place to find eligible women.

Let the games begin:

32. Cleveland – The Drive. The Fumble. The Decision. Now this.

31. Buffalo – Well, if the NFL is outsourcing their home games to Toronto, that can’t be a good sign.

30. Indianapolis – Here’s the weird thing. A 2010 poll named Indy “the most sexually satisfied city.”

29. Cincinnati – Wait, Cincinnati also ranked high on that list. Now, I get it. Guys successfully stalk their prey in the midwest. Relationship madness ensues.

28. Milwaukee (Green Bay) – Well, at least that girl on the Green Bay/Chicago Christmas night game is available.

27. Dallas – Dare I say that Dallas is one of the more overrated cities in America.

26. Phoenix (Arizona) – Sun and fun doesn’t always equal single. Plus, Arizona has its fair share of retirees.

25. Detroit – Clint Eastwood says it’s “Halftime In America” based off of Motown’s revitalization. For single men in Detroit, not so much.

24. Nashville (Tennessee) – Few Music City Miracles here.

23. Houston – Two famous cities in Texas are on the bottom half of this list?

22. New Orleans – Not so shocking. While ladies are looking for beads at Mardi Gras, they’re probably tourists.

21. St. Louis – Well, based off the reaction of one St. Louis native to Randy Moss, I’m guessing this city is steeped in conservatism.

20. Charlotte (Carolina) – Cam. WOOOOOAAAAAH Cam. Just wanted to type that once.

19. Miami – Evidently, taking your talents to South Beach isn’t that great.

18. Tampa – I went to Tampa in 2003. A surprisingly sleepy town. You would have never guessed they just won the Super Bowl.

17. Jacksonville – In case you’re curious (and the Jags move to LA), Los Angeles ranked 48th on the overall list.

16. Pittsburgh – Sixburgh is not Singleburgh. See what I did there?

15. Chicago – I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews on Chicago. Get there.

14. Philadelphia – Here’s the deal with Philly. From my experiences, the single women are there in bunches. You have to do a little digging to find them. The easiest tip is go to watering holes on gamedays during Eagles and Phillies season. Tailgating parties in front of the stadiums prior to games are great options too. Chat them up.

13. Atlanta – I go to Atlanta a few times a year. It’s a similar situation. Two good areas? Buckhead and Buckhead.

12. Kansas City – Woah! Look at K.C. The barbecue is very good as well.

11. Baltimore – You’re more likely to have a better completion percentage with ladies than Joe Flacco does on the field. Ok, too soon?

10.   San Diego – The warm weather will be your friend.

9.  Minnesota – You can’t go wrong with Prince’s backyard and midwestern accents.

8.  Denver – Just follow the young ladies in Tebow jerseys.

7. Oakland – If you can get over the potential Earthquake factor, great place to visit…and on the rise.

6. San Francisco – I was just here last summer. This is a ranking that is well-justified. Plus, Joe Montana played here. It can’t be bad.

5 & 4. New York, NY (Giants, Jets) – Since no one is really supporting the Jets at the moment, find those front-running Giants fans. Oh, and the city itself is humongous. Happy hunting.

3. Seattle – Pearl Jam, rain, and single women. None of those things make sense together but all are evident in Seattle.

2. Boston – Despite the rough weekend, ladies in Beantown know their sports.

1. Washington – Even Daniel Snyder can’t harm this one. Remember, no heavy duty political discussions about Obama, Mitt Romney, or Ron Paul. Keep it light until the 2012 election.

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