New York Jets

Rob Gronkowski Proposes To Take Tim Tebow’s Virginity

Whenever Rob Gronkowski appears, so does a camera phone or some other recording device.

During a speaking engagement at the University of Rhode Island on Thursday, Gronkowski was asked to play the MFK (marry,-f–k, or kill) game.

When presented with the option of Rex Ryan, Betty White, or Tim Tebow, Gronk quipped that he would “f Tebow to take his virginity.”


By the way, you know who is the real winner of this entire offseason for New England?

Wes Welker.

Thanks to Gronkowski being the only Patriot to make significant news by participating in reasonably questionable things, the masses have heard less and less about Welker’s notorious “drop” during Super Bowl XLVI.

Rock on Gronk.

Credit: Boston Barstool Sports

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