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What We Missed While Galavanting Around Town In Las Vegas

You know what isn’t a great idea for a blogger? Heading to Las Vegas for four days to a work-related convention while a hotel attempts to essentially extort money from you for a 24-hour internet connection.

Suffice to say, JMRA’s hands were tied a bit this weekend.

Anyhow, we’re back on the grid to run through a collection of stories that made news over the past few days.

TIM TEBOW GETS BOOED AT YANKEES STADIUM WHILE WEARING A YANKEE CAP: Why is this a story? Yeah, I don’t get it either. Also, one obvious issue was routinely missed in this scenario. The assumed sports connection in New York is as follows:



Essentially, it’s the A-team vs. the B-team. In other words, Yankee Stadium was full of Giants fans in pinstripe clothing. Tebow would have been better off going to a Mets game. At least it wouldn’t appear as a contrived act. On the bright side, he got to sit with D-Wade.

DREW BREES WANTS TO GET PAID: After having their franchise raked over the coals since March, the Saints still haven’t reached a contract agreement with the most significant Saint in team history. How does this end with Brees not getting what he wants?

He needs to get Peyton Manning money. Since 2009, who has been better the Brees? Brady and that’s about it.

Time to back up the Brinks truck Tom Benson.

SAM BRADFORD IS DATING A SUPERMODEL: This relationship may last until the next Bradford injury. No offense Sam.

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