Donovan McNabb

Alleged Future Hall of Famer Donovan McNabb Says He’ll Play In 2012

The word modesty and Donovan McNabb have not been connected often over the past decade.

Once more, McNabb’s ego seems to be getting the best of him. The former Pro Bowler believes he’ll be on an NFL roster to start the 2012 season despite being discredited as a player over the past two seasons.

McNabb, who lasted just six games in Minnesota before eventually being released, told NBC SportsTalk that he fully expects to be on a roster when the NFL season commences.

“I have about three teams that I’m looking at,” McNabb said.

(insert crickets chirping….)

Pardon me, but I missed the part where McNabb can choose teams like he was LeBron James in 2010 or Peyton Manning last spring.

I’m guessing there isn’t a strong market for a 35-year-old quarterback, who won six of his last 13 starts, has questions regarding his conditioning, and has struggled to grasp his play-calling duties.

Also, consider that the Philadelphia Eagles decided to trade him two years ago within THEIR OWN DIVISION! Clearly, that was a sign of a team that didn’t believe McNabb had much left in the tank.

Much like his former teammate Terrell Owens, it will be very difficult for McNabb to find employment with a team.

Could he outplay the Kevin Kolbs and Blaine Gabberts of the world? Maybe. However, what head coach would want that potential headache of McNabb politicking for a starting job or the fallout from when he inevitably fails?

Don’t feel badly for McNabb though.

If he doesn’t land a team in 2012, he’ll begin crafting his Hall of Fame speech.

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