New Orleans Saints

Sean Payton Is Watching You

As the Saints practice at their training camp facility in Metairie, Louisiana, the figure of Sean Payton still lurks in the distance with the head coach serving a year-long suspension.

A large sign of Payton hangs in the building with the Belichickian phrase “Do Your Job” in large letters below his picture.

It’s a bit on the creepy side because it’s almost as if he is some deceased figure who the team is trying to draw inspiration from but, as we know, Mr. Payton is alive and well.

Let’s hope they manage to change the message as training camp wears on, just to freshen things up a bit.

What about “If You Screw Up, I’ll Release You In 2013” or “I Have Access To NFL Game Rewind’s All-22 Coach’s Tape And Will See All Of Your Mistakes One Way Or Another” or “Will Coach For Food”?

I’m not sure if hanging a huge picture of Payton will do anything for these Saints on the field but it’s a start I suppose.

Photo Credit: Jarrett Bell’s Twitter

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