Jacksonville Jaguars

Maurice Jones-Drew Reports; Taints Rashad Jennings Fantasy Pick

Surely, you sat in a fantasy draft with someone who thought they were pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes by selecting Jacksonville Jaguars running back Rashad Jennings – the backup to once-upon-a-time holdout Maurice Jones-Drew.

“GREAT PICK!” exclaimed some random guy in living rooms across America as if he has a crystal ball as to what is actually going to happen this season.

Now that MJD suddenly reversed course by reporting to camp, how does your slickster Rashad Jennings pick look?

Jones-Drew led the NFL in rushing yards (1,606) and carries (343) but isn’t in game shape and may take a bit to get his mojo back.

In fact, Jennings will reportedly start in Week 1.

After logging nearly 1500 carries in his NFL career, it seemed evident that Jaguars weren’t going to do Jones-Drew any favors with his contract extension.

He had two options: stay at home and become an after-thought or play. He wisely chose door #2 and opted to report; upsetting hopeful Jennings fans in the process.

There is a silver-lining in this for fantasy owners of Jennings.

Recent history has not treated holdout running backs kindly…unless their name was Emmitt Smith.

While Jennings may not be in store for a stranglehold on the top spot in Jacksonville, he’ll still have opportunities to produce.

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