Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: The Taming Of The Grits Blitz

The playoff history of the Atlanta Falcons isn’t a lengthy one despite being in existence since 1966.

Atlanta didn’t reach the postseason until 1978, when they were eliminated by the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC Divisional playoffs.

Two seasons later, Atlanta and Dallas met again, but this time in Georgia.

Led by the famed Grits Blitz, the 12-4 Falcons built a 24-10 lead over the wild card Cowboys entering the fourth quarter of their NFC Divisional playoff battle.

Atlanta’s defense collapsed down the stretch, allowing the Danny White-led Cowboys to score 20 fourth quarter points in a stunning 30-27 win.

Dallas’s good fortune ended a week later in Philadelphia when they fell to the Eagles in the NFC title game.

Meanwhile, the Falcons wouldn’t finally clear the huddle to reach a Super Bowl until the 1998 season.

Dallas visits Atlanta this week on Sunday Night Football.

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