NFL Picks

NFL Week 9 Pickage

As I type this today, the Steelers are traveling….RIGHT NOW!

DOLPHINS 21, COLTS 17 –  When the regular season dust settles, this game may actually be a factor in tiebreaker procedures for a wild card spot in the postseason. That’s right; a game involving the NFL’s worst team from 2011 and another team that wasn’t too far behind them, will have playoff implications. Oh, and both teams have rookie quarterbacks. The Ryan Tannehill quad injury is a concern but Matt Moore has proven to be a capable player in the past if he is called upon. Also, Miami’s defense has surrendered the third fewest points in the NFL. Ride the ‘Fins.

GIANTS 23, STEELERS 16 – Pittsburgh is adopting a rather bizarre travel schedule in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. While I don’t think that will have a major impact, both defenses should. Pittsburgh is tops in the total defense. Meanwhile, the Giants rank a measly 28th but should be able to generate a pass rush against Pittsburgh’s offensive line. I’d feel more confident in the Giants if they played a complete game on a more consistent basis and had a bit more stability to their week. Even though Pittsburgh has slowly turned things around, I don’t think they’ll have enough juice to overcome New York.

EAGLES 27, SAINTS 24 – Please. I’m begging you. Make it stop.


SEASON: 13-5

Pic via Kate Mara

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