Dallas Cowboys

Eagles & Cowboys Meet In Loser Leaves Town Battle

The 2012 season is going to effectively end on Sunday for either the Eagles or Cowboys when they clash in Philadelphia at 4:25.

Whoever falls on Sunday will be 3-6 and can kiss their ’12 season goodbye. Also, this will likely mean the losing head coach will be the first man to walk the plank on the way to being fired.

In my opinion, the losing head coach should be fired…and so should the winning head coach.  Let’s just take care of them both at once.

In fact, this is a reminder of wrestling’s loser leave town matches from back in the day. Whenever a wrestler was fired or leaving for another promotion, they’d put him in one of those matches as a logical way to send him out of the promotion.

Later today, either Jason Garrett or Andy Reid will take one step closer to losing their job with another loss.

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