Baltimore Ravens

The Ray Rice 4th & 29 Play In Pictures

With Baltimore trailing 13-10 in San Diego late in the fourth quarter, the Ravens faced a 4th & 29 from their 37 yard line.

Instead of throwing downfield, Joe Flacco threw short. While he appeared to be making one of the most illogical decisions of the season, he managed to exercise common sense.

If you’re going to checkdown, might as well do it to your best player.

Ray Rice and the Ravens needed 29 yards and got 30. Rice’s effort was nothing short of amazing.

Let’s take a look at what made this play…

The fun begins for Rice when he catches the ball near the BAL 37. At this point, any logical thinking human can’t conceive Rice getting the first down. 

There is no way he’ll get to the first down marker. Nope. Not happening. Still needs another 15 yards. FIVE GUYS ARE NEAR HIM. Man, this is going to be a long flight back to Baltimore for the Ravens.

What an effort by Rice. Too bad the city of San Diego is still in his way. 

Uh oh. He’s getting close. If only he could get one more block…

Wow. That blue blur that is on the ground represents Chargers safety Eric Weddle, the once alleged “highest paid safety in NFL history.”  The assist goes to Ravens receiver Anquan Boldin, who provided the devastating block on Weddle. 

Spot on Jacoby Jones. Miraculously, Rice has his first down. 

Rice’s play is one of the great efforts in league history without a doubt and catapulted Baltimore to a 16-13 overtime win. Also, Boldin’s block on the play proved to be a great aid.

Look, it’s pretty clear that the Joe Flacco bomb is going to detonate on the Ravens during the playoffs. However, that should not stop us from appreciating the work of arguably the NFL’s best all-purpose back (when Cam Cameron wants to use him properly).

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