Robert Griffin III

Forget CM Punk, RG3 Is The WWE Champion

When he isn’t slaying the Dallas Cowboys secondary, Robert Griffin III is talking to the media, getting in his playbook, or preparing to ruin an opposing defense.

Yesterday, he took time out of his schedule to make a pre-recorded appearance on WWE’s Monday Night Raw. Through a website called 4th and Pain (operated by Redskin teammate Adam Carriker), Griffin was presented with a WWE championship belt.

RG3 proceeded to carry the belt around like a proud 10-year-old kid who just met Hulk Hogan for the first time.  Pictured above, Griffin spoke to the media on Monday with world championship in tow.

I’m still waiting for someone in the NFL to duplicate the efforts of Rasheed Wallace back in 2004. After the Pistons won the NBA title, Wallace showed up to arenas the following season wearing Ric Flair’s old NWA belt to games.

We can only hope Griffin wears the WWE title off the bus heading to games.

He is already one of the coolest players. That would add to the legend.

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