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Mike Tirico’s Call Of The Mark Sanchez Fumble Is On Point

As the New York Jets circled the drain on their 2012 season in a 14-10 loss, ESPN’s Mike Tirico provided an accurate assessment on the team’s play following Mark Sanchez’s game-ending (and season-ending) fumble.

After an awful 19-yard punt by the Titans to put New York on the Tennessee 25 late in the fourth quarter, Sanchez fumbled away a chance to win the game.

Tirico’s description accurately summed up New York’s shoddy play that included five turnovers:

“That’s the way this game should end, that’s the way the Jets season should end.  Ugly, and a loss!”

Well put sir.

Not even the normally level-headed Tirico could hide his contempt for New York’s play.

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  1. I seem to remember Tirico saying ‘loser’ somewhere in that last statement. But I unfortunately didn’t get my Tivo running in time.

    Do you perhaps have this clip on tape somewhere and can you please double check his last line? Thanks.

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