Cleveland Browns

Throwback Thursday: My Bad, Cleveland

When Cleveland visits Denver on Sunday, surely a few Browns fans will experience hot flashes regarding the franchise’s most notable trip to the Mile High city that took in January 1988.

The Broncos and Browns met for the second straight season in the AFC Championship game. A year after John Elway broke Cleveland’s hearts with “The Drive”, Denver’s favorite son was up to his old tricks.

Elway staked the Broncos to a 28-10 third quarter lead. Cleveland mounted a furious comeback behind star running back Ernest Byner to tie the game at 31 in the fourth quarter.

Undeterred, Elway led another scoring drive, which culminated with a touchdown pass to the immortal Sammy Winder.

With time running out, Cleveland put together a drive that led the Browns deep into Denver territory.

Inside of Denver’s 10 and with a first and goal situation, the Browns appeared poised to tie up matters again.

Byner took a handoff from Bernie Kosar and seemed to be heading to to the end zone for a game-tying score.

However, Byner was stripped of the ball prior to scoring and the Broncos recovered.

Game over. Denver won the AFC again, 38-33.

Surely, this was another low moment in Browns history. Don’t fret too much though, Cleveland.

If Byner scored on that play, Denver still would have won the game. You know Elway would have peppered Cleveland’s sauce if he got the ball back.

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