Oakland Raiders

Asking Your Lady Friend To Dress Up As Franco Harris Isn’t Weird If Its For Science


John Fetkovich, a physics professor at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, is living proof that individuals will go to any length to prove theories to be true.

During Wednesday night’s A Football Life on NFL Network about the famous Immaculate Reception play from the 1972 AFC Divisional playoff game between the Raiders and Steelers, Fetkovich used his wife to help prove an important theory.

Fetkovich was out to prove whether the ball deflected off Oakland’s Jack Tatum or Pittsburgh’s Frenchy Fuqua by throwing a ball of the wall.

The highlight of the clip was Fetkovich dressing his wife as Franco Harris and throwing a helmet on her.

Of course, the program seemed to diffuse the Oakland-centric theory that Fuqua illegally touched the football.

Dressing up your wife as Franco Harris though?

That’s weird dude…unless it’s for scientific purposes.

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  1. Uh yeah. I was grabbing for my remote control when this part of the show came on. WTF? Steve Sabol must be rolling in his grave.

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