Baltimore Ravens

An Early Look At Super Bowl XLVII Storylines


I’m going to use this post as a declaration. As of the completion of today’s podcast, which will arrive today around noon, you will not see the words “Har-Bowl” or “Super Baugh” typed out on this blog.

It’s too campy.

Alas, what is there to talk about as it relates to Super Bowl XLVII? Well, clearly NFL boss Roger Goodell avoided the ultimate doomsday matchup, which would have been Atlanta and Baltimore. Not only would it have been heavy on the Ray Lewis case since it took place in Atlanta but the Falcons rank as a supreme enemy for the Saints.

Goodell dealing with Bountygate (which he will anyway) and the Falcons being in town would have been a big thumb to the eye for New Orleans.

Instead, we get the Harbaughs and many other subplots:

  • The Harbaughs.
  • The Harbaughs.
  • The Harbaughs.
  • The end of Ray Lewis.
  • The Ray Lewis murder case.
  • Randy Moss…remember him?
  • Michael Crabtree’s sexual assault case.
  • San Francisco’s Super Bowl history (5-0).
  • Joe Flacco and his impending mega-contract.
  • Colin Kaepernick’s arrival.
  • Awkward interviews with Alex Smith.
  • Is this the end for Ed Reed?
  • Torrey Smith’s brother.
  • The Harbaughs.

It’ll be interesting to see the rating for this game because 49er Super Bowls have been all over the map in the ratings department.

However, even with the 49ers being 5-0 in Super Bowls; Super Sunday’s affair will begin and end with the Harbaughs…except that part when Ray Lewis does a shuffle at the end of the game if Baltimore wins.

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