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The Eagles Used Ed Donatell As A Doormat To History


Here is what we know about Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly’s search for a new defensive coordinator:

FACT: Ed Donatell is rumored to be Chip Kelly’s defensive coordinator in Philadelphia.

FACT: Donatell is busy these days because he is the defensive backs coach of the San Francisco 49ers.

FACT: Despite not having a direct tie-in with Philly, Donatell is an important figure in Eagles history.

FACT: Donatell served as the defensive coordinator for the Green Bay Packers in 2000-03.

FACT: Donatell was Green Bay’s defensive coordinator for the infamous 4th and 26 play  that ultimately cost the Packers in a 20-17 loss to the Eagles during 2003 playoffs.

FACT: Donatell was fired soon after that play.

FACT: The following season, Donatell was hired as the defensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons.

FACT: The 2004 Atlanta Falcons reached the NFC Championship game behind quarterback Michael Vick. Those Falcons, with Donatell as its defensive coordinator,  lost the NFC title game…to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Alas, should Donatell arrive to Philly he has a brief, albeit significant role in Eagles history.

Donatell will work quickly to erase his playoff woes in Philadelphia if he becomes an Eagle.

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