Baltimore Ravens

The Harbowl Is Already Bringing Out The Worst In Humans


As society happily skips around the free world because the Harbaughs have reached the Super Bowl, a story out of Indiana is proving just how absurd the next week could be.

Roy Fox of Indiana trademarked the phrase “Harbowl” and “Harbaugh Bowl” last year. Even though the brothers came up short in the conference championship games, it clearly loomed as a possibility down the road.

Of course, the NFL stepped in last August in an attempt to block Fox because the shield wanted to prevent “any confusion” related to the Super Bowl (either the league thinks little of people at large or were putting some sort of jive on Fox).

Fox tried to work with the league by asking for reimbursement for fees covering the trademarking process ($1,000), an autographed picture of Roger Goodell, and Colts tickets.

Not one for a borderline shakedown attempt, the NFL declined the request. Eventually, Fox’s request for the trademarks were dropped in October.

Those two terms remain available for trademark because the league has not decided if it wants to make any money off the idea.

Then of course, there is the idea of making money off of a family under the auspice of league business. Shouldn’t the Harbaughs get a taste of that?

Anyhow, the Brothers Bowl is already causing America to perform soft shakedown attempts on the league; while the NFL does its best to bully people from trying to make a dollar.

You wanted this game, America. I’m secretly rooting for a 12-3 final with a combined 10 turnovers.

For more on why the Super Baugh will be bad for your health, check out the last 10 minutes of this week’s podcast.

In other Super Bowl related news, Colin Kaepernick is trying to get paid too. He wants to trademark Kaepernicking.

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