Baltimore Ravens

Joe Flacco Calls Cold-Weather Super Bowl “Retarded”


Baltimore Ravens quarterback and graduate of Game Manager University, Joe Flacco used some choice words to describe the NFL’s decision to put next year’s Super Bowl at a cold-weather site.

While addressing the media in New Orleans, Flacco called the league’s decision to put Super Bowl XLVIII in New Jersey’s potentially frigid MetLife Stadium “retarded.”

“Yeah, I think it’s retarded. I probably shouldn’t say that. I think it’s stupid. If you want a Super Bowl, put a retractable dome on your stadium. Then you can get one. Other than that I don’t really like the idea. I don’t think people would react very well to it, or be glad to play anybody in that kind of weather.”

Flacco quickly backpedaled and downgraded from “retarded” to “stupid.”

Either way, I’m sure Uncle Roger doesn’t appreciate one of the two last quarterbacks standing calling the cold-weather Super Bowl a foolish idea.

I can think of a lot of ways to describe the cold-weather Super Bowl in 2014:

  • Abomination
  • Potential disaster
  • Circus
  • Absurd
  • Irrational

“Retarded” is certainly not one of them.

Hopefully Flacco opts for a better choice of words on Tuesday when the Ravens participate in Super Bowl Media Day.

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  1. Waaaaaaa!!! Football is for men, and its played in cold weather. Pull up your big boy pants and suck it up buttercups. I’ll cry a tear in my beer while I watch the game on my 55-inch 3d TV in my house while both teams huddle around sideline heaters. Poor babies!

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