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Since Players Will Not Go 100 Percent At The Pro Bowl, Fans Pick Up The Slack

The NFC won Sunday night’s Pro Bowl 62-35 but a group of fight-thirsty fans ended up stealing the show.

During another forgettable Pro Bowl, fans brawled just a few feet away from the AFC bench.

The fun began when a man sporting a Andre Johnson jersey starts throwing punches like he is former heavyweight fighter Ron Lyle.

The mayhem continues with people falling over a railing and a woman getting knocked flat on the ground by an oncoming participant.

At one point, it’s obvious the players seem to be paying more attention to the off-field situation than the game itself.

Sadly, this fight probably ranks as one of the great moments in Pro Bowl history.

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  1. This is my plan to replace the Pro Bowl. Just fans in football jerseys fighting. In honor of my idea coming from this video, there always has to be someone wearing an Aaron Brooks jersey

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